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Conventional operation of semi-automatic sealer

I. inspection and preparation before starting:

1. The vacuum packing machine adopts 220V single-phase ac power supply and is equipped with a housing grounded three-pin socket. Before use, check whether the voltage of the power supply is required to be compound, whether the wiring is firm and whether the bottom line is connected.

2. According to the work of the operator, adjust the height of the semi-automatic sealer.

3. Check whether the rotating parts are well lubricated and inject appropriate amount of lubricating oil.

4, if the first use or use interval is too long, there may be electric heat pipe damp, insulation resistance reduction phenomenon (is normal), should be low temperature preheated for half an hour, then normal operation.

5. Adjust the height and front and rear positions of the conveyor platform according to the size of the automatic liquid packing machine and the filling amount. For height adjustment, use a special random crescent wrench to loosen the bridge gear nut and tighten it after proper adjustment; According to the size of the sealing need to adjust the sealing width positioning frame position.

Ii. Starting operation:

1. Press the power switch first, then the indicator light inside the button will be on.

2. Rotate the speed regulating knob to adjust the operation speed required by the conveyor.

3.  Press the heating switch, the indicator light in the button is on, and then rotate the knob under the temperature controller to make the pointer point to the required temperature value, at this time, the green light in the temperature controller is on, the hot stamping begins to heat up, when the temperature reaches the specified value, the green light is off and the red light is on, the manual sealer machine can start to work.

4. Press the fan switch (the thin layer material needs to be cooled) as required, the indicator light in the button will be on, and the cooling fan will be started.

Iii. Stop operation:

1. In order to extend the service life of the sealing belt, the heating switch (button indicator light is off) must be cut off before the machine is stopped, and the temperature of the stamping head drops, so that the sealing belt can continue to operate for a period of time.

2. About half an hour later, the fan switch and tea bag packing machine power switch can be disconnected, and the whole machine will stop. At this time, the indicator light in the button will go off.

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